Monthly Ceramic Project Challenges

In 2021 we are hosting a free ceramic project every month! These projects are suitable for both the wheel potters and hand builders, new or “seasoned” clay junkies. The goal … stretch yourself and grow in your clay practice. Projects are chosen live and spontaneously, much like I’ve done my entire 10 years as a hobby potter…GIVE IT A GO! October Monthly Project 

Make a Cup – Sell a Cup – Donate Proceeds to your Ravorite Charity!
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#MyHobbyPotterLife Free Mini-Pottery Workshops to encourage hobby potters to continue their journey in clay at home. 

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365 UPLIFTING Cups in 30 Days, YouTube Documented Challenge!

Celebrating 10 years as YouTubes’ Hobby Potter! Tammy Jo started her  Hobby Potter YouTube Channel as a way to learn how to throw on the pottery wheel by making a cup a day for a year. Her daily video series aired in 2011. To celebrate 10 years of pottery, she decided to challenge herself and reattempt her year long project in just 30 days!

If you enjoyed watching the 365 Days of Clay Cups YouTube videos in 2011, here is the entire journey in a   a 300-page book. Tammy Jo takes a month by month detailed exploration share before & after photos of each cup along with techniques and tips she received along the way. This heartfelt journey shares her step of faith, willingness to learn and gratitude for her pottery community! 

FREE On Amazon Kindle Unlimited! ) showing all 365 before and after photos, journal entries along with the gallery exhibition.