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Art Pieces for Stanislaus Family Justice Center

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For the last 4 years I’ve participated in a wonderful fundraising event with the Stanislaus Family Justice Center. This organization helps children and families living in crisis situations by providing counseling and resources. To help the children heal, they have a program called “Art Restores Kids”, where they help them use art to express themselves. […]

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What are you doing, writing a book?

As a matter of fact…YES! The last time I worked inside my studio was November 9th 2015, but my mind has been on clay and more specifically “cups” ever since! One of my 50th birthday goals was to put the 365 Day Cup project into a printed book…for posterity sake.  If I’m honest,  I’ve been putting […]

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Day #2 – Footed Creamer – 1 LB of Clay 25 Ways Project

Since I’m not describing my thoughts about what’s happening in the video Day #2 Footed Creamer Video (it’s also down below) , I’ll give my BEHIND THE SCENES insights HERE J (See I still have to communicate in some way…LOL) WHAT I LIKED ABOUT THIS PITCHER:   I prefer a more simple “perfect form” with just a […]

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Day #1- 1LB of Clay 25 Ways – Crazy Dish & Spoon

Welcome to my new project “1LB of Clay, 25 Ways!” 1st…this will be the LONGEST & ONLY intro clip of me talking for this 25 day project! Why you ask? After describing what the project is about and it’s goals today you will understand. Here’s a quick overview of the guidelines & goals I’ve given […]

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30 Bowls ~ 30 Days ~ 30 Techniques ALMOST AT THE FINISH LINE!  It’s been a long time since posting to my blog and someone on Facebook triggered my memory to do so! In a nut shell, the last 30 Days I have been working on a project to stretch myself and to become consistent […]

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Pottery Studio Makeover – Looking At the Outside!

Last blog I shared a photo of what my pottery studio/workshop looks like from the inside and my disorganized haven. IF YOU MISSED IT There is also another “makeover” project still in progress… (our house)… which is going to also help me with the outside features of my studio make over! This week the luxury of […]

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Pottery Studio Makeover – For 1st Artist Open Studio Tour April 2014

Well it has sure been a long time since posting in my blog…..I’M BACK! Not that I’ve really been away, but to get everyone up to speed I’ll do a quick summary of how I got to this place and time!!! After the 365 Day project (2011), the cups were displayed in a gallery show […]

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