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I’m 50 TODAY! – Things you don’t know about me, the Hobby Potter!

TODAY IS MY 50th BIRTHDAY! Supplemental stuff! Since I won’t have the opportunity to “party with you all” and chat one on one in person, I thought it would be fun to share some “chat style” info about myself that you may not know and could find interesting! My birthday is also my new year, […]

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Surprised…This all Happened In A Week – Update!

It has been one busy week! I didn’t realize it until I decided to create a video…so here’s how it happened…. 1. 3rd Thursday Art Walk – Throwing Demo 2. Wood Colony Faire (a tour of the studio), 3. Stanislaus Magazine Photoshoot (Thank you James Ewing, enjoyed chatting with you and thank you for your […]

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How Does an Artist Find Inspiration – Fine Artist Nicole Slater – Bio and Art

This week I’m dedicating a video to expressionistic fineartist and teacher Nicole Slater, who I am honored to be showing with in ourgallery show “2GETHER” starting October 2015! Artists inspire artists…I learned so much from my visit toher studio and can’t wait to share her story…especially about how to findinspiration and what to do when […]

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Creating a Body of Work for a Gallery – Pulling it All Together! – Journal Entry 1

“I’m Excitedly Overwhelmed!”  The Owners Of The Chartreuse Muse Art Gallery In Modesto, CA, (Sandra Veneman And Ellen Roehne), Invited Me To Do A Show Together With A Phenomenal Artist And Painter Nicole Slater. She Is A “Kindred Spirit” In Every Sense Of The Word , but plays art in a different medium! Sandra, Nicole […]

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FINAL RESULTS – Cross-Mixing Commercial Glazes Pt 4/4

This is going to be a fairly long blog post as I wrap up this months glaze mixing test analysis! “Your diamonds are not in far distant mountains or in yonder seas; they are in your own backyard, if you but dig for them.”  ― Russell H. Conwell, Acres of Diamonds WHY MIX COMMERCIAL GLAZES: This project began […]

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Glazing Test Tiles! – Cross-Mixing Commercial Glazes Pt 3/4 –

 Finally at the glaze test tile stage! Once I started laying out the glazes I realized the task I set out on was bigger than expected. The Big Delay?  I didn’t figure in a key element of the process…RECONSTITUTING DRY GLAZE! The process to reconstitute my dry glazes took an EXTREMELY long time lol! It […]

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Test Tile Organized Game Plan – Cross-Mixing Commercial Glaze Colors!

Just jotting down some thoughts as I ponder the best way to organize and test my plethora of glazes.Plethora = Over 100! Obviously I have to have a baseline criteria and system or else the number of glaze samples would be into the 1000’s. So how should I go about choosing what I want to […]

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