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Ep 13 HOBBY POTTER WEEKLY – Mosaic Guestbook Pt.1


Had some fun this week!! I started to assemble the Mosaic Guestbook of all the visitors to my 2015 Artist Open Studio from April 25&26th ! 
Today is part 1 and the handbuilding of all 3 plaques using everyone’s handmade stoneware “signature” plates! NEXT WEEK, I will sharing the glazing and assembly of the entire wall hanging….and whatever else I have going on in the studio!
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Lodi Spring Show Gala – Preparing Studio -Organizing & Test glazing EP 9 HOBBY POTTER WEEKLY!

 What’s Happening This Week? 

 – Lodi Community Art Center 55th Annual Spring Show 2015

We were told the theme was fabulous 50’s….since we are not people to pass up the potential for some fun, we dressed up!

Thankfully hubby and I aren’t shy! Even though the costumes were scarce, we had a great time meeting some new artist friends (pic. Mike & Linda Nunes of Rancho Cordova…and my husband ) We also saw some wonderful friends from San Joaquin Potters Guild  and Jim Christian who will also be in the upcoming Artist Open Studio Tour!!!! …Excellent time was had by all!  My Honorable Mention Award for “I’m A T-E-A-P-O-T” & clips of fun gala are in this weeks Hobby Pottery video!

This show will be running at Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi April 11-12 from 11-5pm

Next Up

ARTIST OPEN STUDIO TOUR Preparations! – Not everything can be play in the studio…just like cleaning house for guests I’m working on cleaning the studio for visitors

Artist Open Studio Tour on April 26-26th (11-5)

Technique of the Week – Organizing my underglazes for easier access and more accurate color references

– Masking to revive a design I used a few years back on some bisque earthenware (mold) mugs I’ve had in storage. Also learning what certain brushes will do when loaded with glaze 😀

Had a great slow week …can’t run amuck all the time..LOL!

Thanks for Watching and See You Next Week!

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Ep 8 HOBBY POTTER WEEKLY- Kiln Results – Bead Blasting Ceramics & New P…

Episode 8 – Kiln Opening …not as planned! Brainstormed with a special guest this week, my husband Brian, who came up with a great solution to use his bead blaster on a couple of my pieces I’m MUCH happier with them now (and was great to work with my man)!

Also this week…made some new pieces and added a funny table talk to the end (well, we thought it was funny 😉 .

Thanks my husband for all your help…you are the best!!!

Hope you enjoy this week and thanks so much for watching! Please feel free to visit me!





Helping Others Through Art – SPECIAL FEATURE

  Stanislaus Family Justice Center
“Art Of Justice”
2015 Fundraising Event

I look forward to participating in this event each year! It will be my 3rd run in this wonderful fundraiser to help bring awareness and healing to children and families dealing with violence! Art is used in the healing process for children exposed to traumatizing situations from domestic violence to even murders.

Each year the facility has a fundraiser asking local artists to select an inspiration piece from one of the children’s sessions and create a piece to donate for their silent auction. This year I chose “Hector” Age 7! This piece touched my heart in a very deep way…here is the pieces “Artist Statement” for the event:

“ U R My Friend”
Artist Statement
Tammy Jo Schoppet

Everyone has moments of feeling alone. A few weeks prior to selecting this inspiration piece my best friend… my “real friend”, passed away. The memories still being so fresh in my mind intensified the flood of emotion I felt for Hector upon reading his words, “I don’t have a real friend”. Because I can understand all the wonderful experiences that are shared with a true friend, it made me truly want to help him. I was missing my friend, he was wanting a friend…we connected that day.  

The secret to developing friendships all lies in how open our own hearts are to offering up friendship. The thought of starting a new friendship made me choose this bold statement, “U R My Friend”. The intent is to allow whoever sees this piece the opportunity to know they no longer have to feel alone. By simply deciding to offer friendship, others are more than willing to accept it and it fills you up as well.  I chose to believe that Hectors joyful surfboard and waves were representations of riding the ups and downs of life together…which is what “real friends” do.  

This piece is made of earthenware and can be used as either a wall hanging or serving tray. It was a happy piece for me and I found real joy and healing in creating it!

Here are some photographs and a video of how I made it: 


Ep 4. Hobby Potter Weekly! – Exercise Ball Hump Mold & Gallery Show Proj…

Hobby Potter Weekly! Episode 4 – Exercise Balls & Planning

What’s in store? Lots of chatting throughout this weeks episode (so be and my clay getting a workout on an exercise ball! Took some photo’s to submit to a juried show and started working on the pieces for the show “Speech Patterns” in April at the Chartreuse Muse Gallery.

Thanks for watching ! 😀

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Tammy Jo




Ep.3.Hobby Potter Weekly- Tea Pot-Sculpture – Color Wash Technique

“Hobby Potter Weekly – Episode 3”

This week in my studio:

It’s been a busy week!

Amazing yard sale finds for the studio! (share some of yours..this is one of my favorite past times as well!)

Slab roller fixed after 3ish years

Technique of the Week: Fast forward color washing

2 pieces completed for submission to the Lodi Spring Show!

Thanks for watching and please share some of your adventures!!!!

Warm Regards,

Tammy Jo




How I Made My New Chopmark – Custom Rubber Stamp

I’ve always wanted to use my initials as a chopmark! Like other potters I tried to recreate them in clay by carving, and actually came really close….once. This served me well until one day my precious signature stamp disappeared. To this day I’m not sure what happened to it (maybe I’ll be throwing reclaim clay one day and it will suddenly emerge as buried treasure on a great throw day…LOL).

This spurred the idea of creating a chopmark using my ACTUAL signature initials.
After posting a photo today to my Hobby Potter Facebook fan page, I seemed to get a lot on interest in how I had my chopmark made. Since it was so simple and looks quite professional, I thought I’d give it share in case you want to create your own!

Making the Image

Materials – Photoshop & Wacom Tablet Pad & Pen

1. Using Photoshop and the pen tablet I simply signed my initials (this is what I chose to use as my logo, and also the “chopmark” signature I put on my clay pieces).

2. I then saved the image in blackline in PNG (jpg would also work) so that it would be a cleaner image for the printers.

Actual Images Used


Making the Rubber Stamp
1. I created an account at
   Clicked – Custom Stamps > Art Mounted >
2. I chose the size stamp I wanted to create.
3. Uploaded the image > Added it to the cart.

This is what I received today! 

Tried it out on some clay! 

I’m really happy how these turned out. The rubberstamp will work well with either underglaze stamping or on softer clay, but I will also find somewhere that can create this stamp in a harder surface ..possibly wood, for those pieces needing a sturdier pressure.