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No offense taken…mistakes and videos…I’d rather learn! :)

Before I begin…here’s today’s video DAY 13 When I first started working with clay, I was not a healthy person. Physically and mentally speaking, I needed to just learn to relax through each moment, heal and take each day at a time. My Dr. recommended I learn a hobby, RIIIIIGHT, starting new projects and working […]

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Cups ~ Videos ~ Life!

The intent of the blog was to keep you posted daily on what I’ve been working on, my thoughts behind why I’m doing what I’m doing..just a little  more deep than the vlog.  That just hasn’t yet happened. What surprised me was the amount of time it took to edit and upload the vlog….big surprise.  […]

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Dialing in on the Details….

My scrambling is done for Christmas tomorrow and I was just going over my game plan for 365 Days of Clay Cups. 1st I wanted to say Thank you to my daughter Rebecca, she is a graphic designer and made a logo for the HobbyPotter.com website.  THANKS BECS! Now…the details. I keep going back and forth […]

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Getting Ready!

After spending a few days mentally playing out how to share my 365 Day quest, I’ve come to some very interesting dilemma’s and decisions.  1. Not every cup will take one day to complete. It will take a short time to throw or hand build the basic cup form, but there are the added details and trimming that must […]

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365 Days of Clay Cups – Who am I & What Do I Think I’m Doing? !

ON JANUARY 1, 2011, I WILL THROW ONE CUP A DAY FOR 365 DAYS!  An introduction and the longest blog I’ll ever create!(I promise;)  I’ve been “playing” with clay since 2007 and the bottom-line is without consistent efforts, you really can’t improve.  For the love of clay, I’ll make 1 cup a day in an effort […]

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