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Getting Ready!

After spending a few days mentally playing out how to share my 365 Day quest, I’ve come to some very interesting dilemma’s and decisions.  1. Not every cup will take one day to complete. It will take a short time to throw or hand build the basic cup form, but there are the added details and trimming that must […]

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365 Days of Clay Cups – Who am I & What Do I Think I’m Doing? !

ON JANUARY 1, 2011, I WILL THROW ONE CUP A DAY FOR 365 DAYS!  An introduction and the longest blog I’ll ever create!(I promise;)  I’ve been “playing” with clay since 2007 and the bottom-line is without consistent efforts, you really can’t improve.  For the love of clay, I’ll make 1 cup a day in an effort […]

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