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I Made Underglaze To-Go Kits!

This is what I have been doing in my studio as of late….making these super convenient underglaze To-GO Kits like crazy!

This simple and easy-to-use underglaze storage box idea came from a video I saw from Lisa Schutte Koester from Wild Acorns Pottery.

These kits have allowed me to really play with color and has saved so much time (since I’m not opening and closing bottles), space (one of these can hold a minimum of 26, 2oz bottles of underglaze! 

Since posting this video Lisa contacted me and let me know there are other types of containers that are 100% sealed on Amazon, which would save even more time because they wouldn’t need to be sealed! 

I’ll be sharing more videos in the future of fun explorations and experiments I’ve trying over the last year or so.

I’M BACK….so let’s get to it!

Tammy Jo

Duncan High Fire Index for Low Fire Glazes

This month I’m setting a goal to create glaze samples of all my “plethora” of random glazes I’ve accumulated over the years. Many of them have never been opened and some of them are over 5 years old…so this will certainly be a surprise.  

Since I fire to Cone 5/6 on stoneware, I’m interested in testing out my low fire glazes on this clay. Here is an index I received from Duncan describing the colors I can expect if I use their low fire glazes in a high fire environment. I thought others may be interested as well!! 

Happy Testing! 

Click on the image to enlarge…If you would like to print them in PDF format you can visit my website: