Uplifting Quotes on Cups . Bowls . Tableware


“Everyday Pottery, Extra-Ordinary Quotes & Inspiration”

EXPRESSives is an inspirational line of handmade ceramics, sharing positive messages of hope, healing and encouragement.  Through the use of everyday pottery, these uplifting pieces give daily motivational “brain food”…in a 3D way!

Each piece is a mini-sculpture, handcrafted in the studio of ceramic artist Tammy Jo Schoppet.

Changing Our Thoughts for A More Joy-Full Life!

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Most often our biggest challenges stem from what’s going on between our ears, how we think about situations and the attitudes we come at challenges with.  Our thoughts have tremendous power on the choices we make which in turn effects our results. Our brains may be starving for some “uplifting words” to eat and munch on throughout the day, and that is the purpose behind EXPRESSives TM,

By taking something simple  that we use on a daily basis (functional tableware), and surrounding them with “purposefully positive” brain food, we can begin a process of changing the focus of our thoughts & lives.  Character traits, spiritual truths, healing words of encouragement help us create a proper mindset on life’s possibilities. It means surrounding ourselves with the right thoughts, people and influences so we can have the best possible chance at future happiness and eternal success.

Giving Back

Pottery has been labor of love, and in sharing that love a portion of the proceeds from my EXPRESSives’s will be used to support Medical Ambassadors International  “Healing Lives, Transforming Communities” . 


My “Hobby Potter” journey  as a ceramic artist & potter began using EXPRESSives! Before I ventured into the ceramic artist I was a focus driven, goal oriented, business owner and also the home educator of my four children.  While enjoying life’s busyness, I was struck with some serious health issues. These challenges created a paralyzing amount of anxiety, to the point I was unable to leave my home.  I had succumbed to intense worry including the things beyond my control. A health care professional recommended I change my workaholic ways and find a “hobby” to help me relax and so I could heal. This is was the path I was walking when I became YouTube’s “Hobby Potter”. Here I am 8 years later, continually growing and changing, I’m still loving my clay journey! Who could have imagined I’d complete a marathon 365 day cup making project, been invited to participate in gallery exhibitions and even author a 400 page book!

It’s been an enriching and wonderful ride! This year felt like the time to share more of the introspective side in my clay work. Since this was the catalyst behind my continued growth and healing, it felt like others may be able to benefit from what I’ve learned.

Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthythink about such things” Phil.4:8

I have been so blessed and encouraged by others throughout my pottery making journey and hope that I can share some of these same powerful WORD messages to help you in your daily life!

Be Blessed, Enjoy Life and Grow!

~ Tammy Jo