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Health & Healing – Wellness Words

Words have healing powers! Not in a mystical magical way, but words are most often the vehicle that end up steering the direction of our thoughts!

About 20 years ago my dear friend Janet gave me a special cup with the Serenity Prayer  wrapped around it. When going through challenging times, I would fill that cup with something warm, read each word slowly, then hug the cup with my hands. This reminder always gave me a moment of comfort and a chance to restart myself moving forward in a right frame of mind.

My hope is that you are able to find a piece that speaks to you and can help you on your way to a healthy body and soul!

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“Enjoy The Journey”

“Enough Is As Good As Feast…Only Eat…Enough”


 In Process!
– “Enough is as Good As A Feast…”

I LOVE this wonderful quote from from Mary Poppins!  Why do you need a feast when you have enough? This concept can apply to any area of our lives. With enough you will feel, content, satisfied and happy, but think about how you feel after a holiday dinner and you’ve eaten too much!  You’re uncomfortable and over full! If we have too much “stuff”, we are cramped for space, too much of a good time, and you feel sick the next morning. We may desire more thinking it’s better, but sometimes it’s just more. Enough is all we need!

“Let Light Shine Out of Darkness”

When we are going through dark times, sometimes it’s difficult to believe that light can ever shine. The truth is, light over powers darkness! It may seem cliche’, but scientifically it’s fact..once you introduce a light source into darkness, it’s no longer complete darkness. No matter how small a spark, darkness can not fill the lights space.  For it was God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” giving up hope that we do have the strength to let our light shine! So always remember to let your light shine!!!!

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