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“Enjoy The Journey”

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Wisdom of the Century!

I went on a YouTube video marathon where they were interviewing centenarians. These 100 year old (and above) people had some very insightful nuggets about life! Even though some had lived through challenge times in our worlds history or outlived their own children, they all held the same general message of hope. “Enjoy the Journey”! Each person talked about the best and positive parts of the past and their plans for tomorrow. They were excited and learned to appreciate the everyday things of life and finding peace with their past.
“I make my own bread every day”,
“An occasional shot of whiskey is good for the soul”,
“I have a strong faith in God and pray everyday!”
Aside from their age related limitations, they all said they felt 30 years younger mentally than their actual age!  It all boils down to an attitude. Wisdom of the Century ….”Enjoy the Journey”

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