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Perfectly Imperfect

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Perfectly Imperfect
Scars into Beauty Marks

Wabi-Sabi  is the Japanese art aesthetic of noticing the beauty in the “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”. If we embrace the “Wabi-Sabi” within ourselves, we may someday realize it became our greatest strength.

When I create a piece out of clay, I’m reminded whenever I close the lid of my kiln, that I’m not in 100% control of the outcome…this ENERGIZES me! The speed of the heat rising and falling, the melting of the glazes and my skill at creating a solid piece all influence the result. I’ve had my share of mishaps and still do to this day, but I’ve also experienced many “Ah Ha” moments of pure joy! The entire process of creating with clay is a beautiful metaphor for the ebb and flow of our lives.

Finding beauty in our flaws. Whether I intentionally created these  “beauty marks” or if they are an unexpected happenstance, I find them irresistibly charming and “PERFECTLY IMPERFECT”!

New series pieces will be added on the 1st & 3rd Mondays of the month!
“Created for a Purpose” 
Release Date: 3/1/17

This piece developed it’s own crack in the decorative word “created” during the process of design (the cup is sound!). I carried it through to completion because I got caught up in the beautiful word picture of someone following their purpose, scars / cracks and all. It just felt so personal!
16 oz. – 41/4 X 41/2


*All items are handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces! 

*Please be sure to check back regularly if items are sold out.


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