tammy jo schoppet

ceramic artist . author . the "hobby potter"

Brokenly Beautiful

These pieces represent the concept that journeying through brokenness is just a path on our way to realizing our true beauty!


Have you ever been broken? Kintsugi, is a Japanese art form based on using gold to repair and fill in the broken, cracked parts of pottery. It sees brokenness as the history of an object. It’s not something that remains broken or needs a disguise, but something to shine and take notice of!


I believe God builds broken people up and fills in the cracks to create something even more beautiful. We are all “in process” and just need to accept and take our learned lessons to begin anew. Sometimes the most challenging, shadowy, moments in our lives are springboards to fully appreciating, the bright and brilliant moments that come our way. With these “Imperfect” dark times in our lives, it makes it easier to notice the small glistening gems of wisdom we gain along the way.  Experience it.. faith, courage, and gratitude.


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