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My Bucket List for 2019 is growing – I’M SO EXCITED!  
As I contemplate my next adventures, they wouldn’t feel complete if I didn’t pair them with my favorite necessities … ALL OF YOU!  You are so much a part of what inspires me, and our warm community of “hobby potters ” is an essential encouragement for any new or seasoned clay junkie.

Clay feeds into all areas of my life, it strengthens my faith, relaxes me, heals me, continually trains my patience and always leads me to meet the most FANTASTIC folks who share a kindred spirit! For me, it’s really more than a hobby and runs deeper than just a desire to “play with clay”.  It’s the excitement of hearing someone experience an “aha” moment at a success or failure. It’s motivating someone with a gentle“kick in the backside” to take a risk in clay. It is being here for the person struggling through life’s challenges and giving them respite to regroup and just be able to enjoy a simple clay adventure until they can begin their own. I love it all! 

This next video year, as I check off my Bucket List items, I’ll continue to “keep it real” and add some of YOUR good stuff as I’m living mine! I’ll most definitely be sharing my studio happenings, clay projects, some destination adventures and all the resources I scoop up along the way.   Plus I want to share some inspiring stories and questions from fellow potters and ceramic artists BUT I NEED YOUR HELP!


Besides asking for a million dollars … I’d like to answer or share encouragement from you in my videos!!
Tell me what you want (that you wouldn’t mind me sharing anonymously ..first names only … onYouTube)

Please post in our FACEBOOK GROUP or send me a personal message through Facebook or Instagram! 
I’m so looking forward to sharing our journey together and hope you enjoy
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Enjoying the Clay Journey With You!

Tammy Jo



7 thoughts on “How Can I Help ? – Pottery – Resources – Life!

  1. I love your spirit, your generosity, your loving nature. You always portray joy and light which helps everyone feel better. Just keep doing what you do!
    I would like a one fire clay body and glaze combo! I have an electric kiln. Throw, glaze, fire, done?
    Thanks, Kathleen

    1. Thanks Kathleen 😀 !!! A one fire clay body and glaze combo. I have a little info on that, but would be fun to run some tests and share some results. Thanks so much for the input and encouragement! 😀

  2. Ok im new to the “play with clay” exciting world
    Does “ one fire clay body glaze combo “ mean ….
    Green wear with glaze and one fire only for end result?
    Thank you for your interesting info .. im sure going to ride the 2019 fun with clay experience with you
    Thanks again Tammy

  3. I need to work on my hand building skills. Although my first love is the wheel, I feel I need to expand into some other areas more too. The right level of moisture for the clay, when slab building, is my main issue. I’m sure it will come to me eventually, but I find I can’t find that happy medium.

    1. I agree with you! At first, I never wanted to handbuild and was only into the wheel, but today it’s where I actually head first because I feel like I can be more spontaneous and creative with it. Oh dear …I now love them both equally! Slab building has a few more things to consider (drying, warping, cracking, attaching) and I think it takes a while to learn. Environment changes can alter everything if you work without certain conveniences. The second you think you have it you want to try it in a different clay body and have to start figuring it out all over again! So much respect for slab building ceramic artists and something I’ll be looking at this year (thanks to your suggestion!) 😀

  4. I would like to get a grasp on timing. Such as when to put a handle on a mug? Or can you make a bunch of handles at the same time as the mugs and have them “leather up” at the same rate? Really any kind of timing issues that have to do with coordinating the making of various pieces of a casserole with a lid or a teapot for example. I struggle with pots getting too dry or messing with them when they are not dry enough.

    1. Yes, I think that is an important aspect of pottery to grasp and think we all have moments of struggle with this. Environments are different, be it hotter, colder or the actual humidity. I have to really watch mine differently during different seasons since my studio is not insulated and more affected by the daily changes in the weather. About cup handles: Sometimes I’ll make the handles closer to when the cup itself is leatherhard because I know my handles will dry more quickly, Or I might make them at the same time and just lose cover the handles so they dry more slowly while the cups catch up.

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