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Reflecting Where it Counts

Holistic health is looking at the Body, Mind & Soul as one. People of faith can sometimes get hung up on words like “holistic”, but it only means looking at the “whole person” and getting the whole picture. This concept is not new, nor is it something outside the realms of the Bible. There are verses that guide us on how to take care of our bodies, watch what goes into our minds and instructions on how to feed our souls. It is a “holistic” book that gives us exactly what we need to move through this life and into eternity!

This is the place where I’ll put some of my favorite “go to” words and verses, plus quotes about God & Faith!

New series pieces will be added on the 1st & 3rd Mondays of Every Month! 
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These words work together, if you have “faith” and “love” you will experience, “peace” & “joy”!

A sunflower symbolizes adoration, loyalty and longevity. It’s known as a flower of “happiness”.  The “fading in” of the dots and sunflower represent the process of a person growing into the characteristics of “Faith, Love, Peace & Joy”.   The more they are experienced the deeper and more colorful your soul becomes!
14 oz. – 41/2 X 41/2 
These words work together, if you have “faith” and “love” you will experience, “peace” & “joy”!
The color blue is associated with the feelings of calm tranquility and also represents “heaven” (as in the blue sky). The wrapped words at the base of the cup signify a “solid foundation” for this cup to stand on!
12 oz. – 4 X 41/4 
 In Process – Available March 20th! 

Cup / Mug – A Mustard Seed of Faith Moves Mountains
Cup / Mug – May God’s Character Shine Through the Life I Live
Cup / Mug – Peace . Love . Faith . Prayer

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