Artist Statement

tammy jo schoppet
ceramic artist

Clay Philosophy
Wheel-thrown clay is a beautiful metaphor for the ebb and flow of our lives. A simple mound of clay is formed into a vessel, and gains strength when put through the fires of a kiln (or life). The potter has formed it, uniquely individual with a specific purpose in mind. Being that we are made up of the same elements found in the earth, and pottery being the chosen example the Creator uses to describe our existence, there is a connection that is undeniably surreal.

Looking back, my clay journey began in girl scouts and then as a teen while working at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose, CA. I became completely absorbed in the pottery as I noticed actual fingerprints of ancient potters who lived thousands of years before me. 25 years later, as a home educating mother of four, I developed some serious health issues that turned my life upside down. From workaholic, to housebound with anxiety, I was prescribed the medicine of relaxing and finding my first hobby to begin healing … it had to be clay!

In 2011 from my home, I started the YouTube vCup #365 with the names people who supported me!ideo series, “365 Days of Clay Cups” sharing my adventures as I learned to throw on the pottery wheel. From January 1st to December 31, 2011, I proceeded to throw and video blog, 1 cup per day for the entire year. (Watch Video Series).

In 2016, to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of the life changing project, I published each “before & after” photo and my daily journal notes in a book, “365 Days of Clay Cups”  A Cup – A Day – A Year.  I continue exploring clay and enjoy sharing my learning journeys through YouTube projects. Why I will always be a “Hobby Potter” 

“Perfectly Imperfect” this piece was a part of my “2-Gether”  collaborative show with Nicole Slater (fine artist) Chartreuse Muse Art Gallery  ~ October 2015My Aesthetic
Beauty to me is “Perfectly Imperfect”…The love of a perfect form inter-mingled with different organic imperfections are what I hope to convey whether it’s handbuilt or wheel thrown. We as people are all “brokenly beautiful”, not a single one of us comes through life without challenges as they help us grow. I enjoy making the connections of healing through clay, because I believe God allowed me to physically and emotionally heal through this hobby.  Past imperfections may leave scars, but can be transformed into something stronger and more beautiful!


Since I was inspired through clay, I hope to create pieces that uplift the spirit in whatever way someone may find encouragement. What’s new in my small online shop?