Hobby Potter Weekly – YouTube Video Series

Season 1- Hobby Potter Weekly – 2015 

Watch weekly videos as Tammy Jo begins showing her process in testing glazes, creating sculptures, hosting her Open Studio Tour, creating a Mosaic Guest book and entering exhibitions of her work.

Season 2 – Hobby Potter Weekly – 2016 

Watch the 2nd seasonal of installments in Tammy Jo Schoppet’s weekly pottery studio adventures. This series ran from 7/23/16 – 12/3/16.

As in most of her video series, Tammy Jo shows her “real time” studio progress in a casual journal style format. You’ll experience the actually happenings in her “hobby potter” each week. This season you’ll find her planning and creating bridal shower favors including 180 wedding favors assembled into a ceramic wedding cake! Also you’ll see her preparations for Modesto, CA’s annual “Modshop” indy market and creating ceramic sculpture for a Luminary Art Gallery Show!