365 Days of Clay Cups… A Cup A Day A Year!

VIDEO: Daily Cup Throwing Series
This is a year-long, daily video series tracking the progress of learning to throw cups on the pottery wheel, glazing techniques and understanding clay properties.

“With the help of the YouTube community, I was able to learn pottery throwing techniques while improving my skills through daily repetition. Potters from around the world helped me with their critiques and advice.” 

This series was into a book with, tips, journal entries and before and after photos of each cup in the collection.  “365 Days of Clay Cups – A Cup, A Day, A Year” available in paperback and Amazon Kindle! 



Watch The Videos

These videos are in order of sequence. Shot in real-time, so finished pieces are seen in kiln openings.  
The final kiln load was opened on December 31st finishing off the series!
(308 Videos )

Read The Book 

This book retraces her steps with before & after photos, useful tips, and insights into each cup. With lighthearted dialog, encouraging quotes, and viewer critiques, this book proves to be a real-life example of “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”!
“Your energy motivates me, your ideas inspire me, your organization amazes me and your smile invites me!”
~Shabnam Khaja, ~ YouTube Viewer

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