365 Days of Clay Cups… A Cup A Day A Year!

On January 1, 2011, Tammy Jo Schoppet set out on a 1-year learning journey to acquire skills throwing on the pottery wheel. With only basic knowledge and no prior classes, she decided to share her wheel throwing growth in daily videos through social media.  The hope was to gain constructive critique and become personally accountable to learning as she tracked her progress.

The beautiful adventure that unfolded from this one step of faith brought together a wonderful community of professional and amateur clay enthusiasts! As potters from around the world began sharing their encouragement and instructions, her skills began to grow. On December 31, 2011, she took out of the kiln cup #365, her last most significant cup!  She dedicated this cup to those people helping her throughout the year, by wrapping the largest cup with each of their names.

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Watch Now!  YouTube Video Series
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"365 Days of Clay Cups, A Cup - A Day - A Year""
 A Hobby Potter's  "Excellent Adventure" 
 Learning the Art of Pottery"

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Who I consider to be “My Teachers!”

 *Directly helped with advice during the 365 Day project.
*HsinChuen Lin   
*Steve Booton
*Alex Shimwell  *Dan – Ingleton Pottery
*David & Mary Cuzick   *JaniceThePotter 
Bill Van Gilder
John Britt
Simon Leach
Robin Hopper – I used his DVD series “Beginning To Throw On The Potter’s Wheel” & “Making Marks” He also published numerous books!’

Pottery 411!

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February Pottery Making Illustrated Magazine
March Funke Fired Arts
May Pete Pinnell
JuneThe Potters Cast, Podcast
July–  Chinese Clay Art
August–  AMOCA
SeptemberCeramics Review  Magazine
October–  Micheal Coffee
Shots of Pots On the Cheap – Low Tech!
November  Clay Buddies
December Pottery Making Info