Hello New Hobby Potters Pals!
I’m Tammy Jo Schoppet, a fellow clay adventurer and YouTube’s “Hobby Potter” since 2011.
Living a clay lifestyle with the hobby potter mindset gives you the freedom to explore pottery and ceramics at your own pace, in your own space, or wherever you find yourself being supported for growth and education!  
With unlimited ways to work with clay, there will always be something new to learn. That’s why we embrace multiple learning styles, teachers and clay-moving concepts…so try a variety and be adventurous!
My hope is that you immerse yourself in the “journey of learning” about clay.  Enjoy the day and enjoy your clay!   ~ Tammy Jo Schoppet

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With over 12 years sharing the hobby potter journey on YouTube, there is no way you will watch them all. Here is something you may have never seen!
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This Weekly Featured Video…
“The 2 Pull Challenge”
Trying Steve Booton’s Throwing Challenge !
Release Date: March 27, 2011
I had been throwing a cup a day for only 3 months at the time of this video.


Let’s Talk About Fine Lines” 
Mastering Fine Lines: Practical Tips for Perfecting Your Ceramic Art

Hobby Potter YouTube Videos…

Tammy Jo’s “real-time” learning journey, has been a decade-long adventure. With over 500 videos from kiln openings, glazing, wheel throwing, and technique marathons, there are so many experiences to help you learn and grow in clay! 
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