Monthly Ceramic Projects

These pottery projects are for anyone interested in the self-exploration of ceramics and pottery. Because classes were not readily available to me during my own learning process, I’m sharing my system of learning in my own home studio. Originally part of the Hobby Potter Life Facebook Group Monthly Projects
* Each project PDF has resource links and inspirational idea prompts. You can do the project exactly as the videos show or ‘GO ROGUE” and only use what you need!   Most important … This is YOUR hobby potter journey, do make it uniquely your own! 

12 Month Project Journey

January 2021 Project
Mugs & Colored Slip
February 2021 Project
Carved (Jewelry) Box
March 2021 Project
Goblets & Wax Resist
April 2021 Project
Luminaries & Mishima
May 2021 Project
Pitchers & Stamps/Textures


June 2021 Project
Vases & Fluting/Faceting
July 2021 Project
Teapots , Stripes & Spirals
September 2021 Project
Wind Chimes  & Flowers
October 2021 Project
Bowls & Layering Glazes
November 2021 Project
Serving Dish / Stamping