January Hobby Potter Life Project

Hello Friends!
2021 is going to be the start of something fun and exciting! I’m bringing back the FREE MONTHLY POTTERY PROJECTS!

With all this isolation, we need some clay community so I thought I’d give those who follow my blog and the Hobby Potter Life Facebook group the opportunity to share photos, chat, learn and grow together! 

The style of these projects is presented in the way I fashioned my last 10 Years of clay learning. A Simple Project/Technique with A Variety of Teachers & Videos….both for hand-building and wheel throwing 😀

January 2021 Project  MUGS & SLIPS
> Download Mugs & Slips PDF Project

Let me know if you have any questions and even better, head over to the Facebook Group and chat with both brand new and seasoned potters! 

Watch The Project Intro Video Below!

UPDATE: Here is Part 1 of my Cup & Colored Slips Project!

(I also made an announcement about how (and why) future videos will be changing in format) 


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