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Soap Dish – Masking & Bubble Glaze Ceramic Project

Download August 2021 Project

When I drew this form from the bowl I worried it was a little too basic to put into a project. But it might be the perfect project after last month’s busy teapots and the business of summer. With no attachments (well, unless you want to add feet), a simple soap dish form is the perfect place to practice your designs! 

This month’s design has two components to choose from. “Masking” is the process of covering sections using automotive tapes or newsprint, then applying glazes or underglaze to the exposed surface. Bubble glazing is a fun technique using underglazes and dish soap to create a marbled-looking surface. Try one, try both!

Go ahead and download this month’s project and be sure to share your results!

Always remember, these projects are meant to help you grow in your clay practice. After 10 years I have barely scratched the surface (pun intended ;P) on what can be accomplished with clay. Whether it’s to try a new technique, stretch your creativity, or just to give some direction in your home studio … a successful journey is not always the results you get, but what you experienced along the way!

Enjoy the clay, Tammy Jo 

Teapot – Stripes & Spiral Project

The sun is hot in my neck of the woods (going to be 107 degrees F. in a couple of days)!  Strangely it’s the perfect time to start MAKING teapots for the coming cooler weather.

This project is simple enough (DOWNLOAD THE PROJECT INSTRUCTIONS PDF HERE ) and leaves a lot of room for creative interpretation…first in the form (what type of teapot you want to make) and then the design (what technique will you choose to apply lines and/or swirls).

Sometimes looking outside the box of just “ceramic videos” may be the key to your next inspired technique to try with clay. ~ Tammy Jo


PS. Speaking of teapots … I went back to the YouTube Hobby Potter Weekly Series and pulled together 4 real-time videos to share a beautifully fun project from beginning to end. It made me smile and hope it gives you a little inspiration on your clay question!


June Project – Vases & Fluting -Faceting


As the heat of summer rises in my studio, I tend to move away from doing hand-building and adding attachments to throw on the pottery wheel!

Thankful for the simplicity (or complexity whichever I choose 😉 ) of this month’s project, I can relax and enjoy some warm time with some clay! Hope you all enjoy 😀  Tammy Jo

DOWNLOAD PDF – June Project – Vases – Fluting & Faceting

May Project – Pitchers & Textures/Stamps

Pitchers & Found Textures & Stamps! This project sounds fun because it requires us to think creatively, outside the box…which is exactly what my hope is for these projects…GROWTH!

Here is the video announcing the project and the PDF link to the instructions you need!  Hope you all enjoy and please share your journey in the Hobby Potter Facebook Group or on Instagram with #hobbypotteryproject !

Download the Pitchers & Textures/Stamps


Spray Painting Ceramics & Pottery – Testing Preval Spraying System!

Using Preval Sprayers for Spraying Underglaze

Spraying glaze on pottery usually requires special tools such as an air compressor, spray gun, and if you are doing airbrushing you’ll need all the little do-dads that go along with it. If you take the simple route of a mouth sprayer, you can get random applications.

Sometimes I’m just a lazy potter, if it takes too much time, I’ll happily let it pass on by ;P Spraying is one of those adventures.

So, I was browsing through Amazon, for nothing in particular, and a product called Preval Spraying System popped up as a suggestion! It wasn’t intentionally made for ceramics, but it looked like it could work for spraying underglazes…and the setup looked pretty simple…which is something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately.

It basically is a can of compressed air and a jar. Since I had used compressed air in the 365 Cup Project, I knew this had huge potential to give the results I’ve been wanting to play with and would love to hear about your experiences with spraying glazes/underglazes 😀 

I figured I’d give it the Tammy Jo test so added it to my cart and away we go!   HOPE YOU ENJOY!


Luminaries, Lanterns & Mishima


Thank you all for your prayers, love, and patience! COVID bit me in the backside and I’ll tell ya what, you don’t want this!

Still not 100%, but I was able to do the drawing for our April project….and what a strange combination we have to work with this month (I’m kind of excited actually!

I was thinking about the best way to combine these two ideas. A luminary is a form that already requires the technique of carving, and Mishima is inlaying/embedding the design inside the clay.

My plan is to create the cylinder, then apply the Mishima technique, and then carve out the luminary.

I can’t wait to see what we come up with!