Teapot – Stripes & Spiral Project

The sun is hot in my neck of the woods (going to be 107 degrees F. in a couple of days)!  Strangely it’s the perfect time to start MAKING teapots for the coming cooler weather.

This project is simple enough (DOWNLOAD THE PROJECT INSTRUCTIONS PDF HERE ) and leaves a lot of room for creative interpretation…first in the form (what type of teapot you want to make) and then the design (what technique will you choose to apply lines and/or swirls).

Sometimes looking outside the box of just “ceramic videos” may be the key to your next inspired technique to try with clay. ~ Tammy Jo


PS. Speaking of teapots … I went back to the YouTube Hobby Potter Weekly Series and pulled together 4 real-time videos to share a beautifully fun project from beginning to end. It made me smile and hope it gives you a little inspiration on your clay question!


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