Soap Dish – Masking & Bubble Glaze Ceramic Project

Download August 2021 Project

When I drew this form from the bowl I worried it was a little too basic to put into a project. But it might be the perfect project after last month’s busy teapots and the business of summer. With no attachments (well, unless you want to add feet), a simple soap dish form is the perfect place to practice your designs! 

This month’s design has two components to choose from. “Masking” is the process of covering sections using automotive tapes or newsprint, then applying glazes or underglaze to the exposed surface. Bubble glazing is a fun technique using underglazes and dish soap to create a marbled-looking surface. Try one, try both!

Go ahead and download this month’s project and be sure to share your results!

Always remember, these projects are meant to help you grow in your clay practice. After 10 years I have barely scratched the surface (pun intended ;P) on what can be accomplished with clay. Whether it’s to try a new technique, stretch your creativity, or just to give some direction in your home studio … a successful journey is not always the results you get, but what you experienced along the way!

Enjoy the clay, Tammy Jo 

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