Making Bowls & Layering Glazes

 Here we are only 3 more projects away from finishing out 2021! Random selection brought about the most basic of clay forms and techniques… a bowl with layered glazes.  As I always say, it may sound simple, but I can only see  ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES! 

CUP-O-RAMA fundraiser!
If you haven’t it’s never to late to Make a Cup, Sell a Cup and Donate the proceeds to your favorite charity!

Truth be told, the fact that the possibilities and variations of these projects are endless, it what keeps me excited about my clay journey…even after 10 years. 

DIRECTIONSDownload PDF  Instructions 

  1. CHOOSE 
  2. WATCH the video links Instruction & Techniques
  3. MAKE & SHARE your journey somewhere online
    ** If you post to Instagram use the hashtag  #hobbypotterproject and tag me @hobbypotter so we can find and encourage each other!

Love & Blessings as you enjoy your journey!!    ~ Tammy Jo

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