February Hobby Potter Life Project & Tests

Here we are in month 2 of 2021!  With the January Mug & Colored Slip project under our belts, I was eager to do another project (and step away from mugs for a bit 😉 )

When I filled the choosing bowl with clay form opportunities for the year, I purposefully chose both random and simple forms so novice and seasoned potters could enjoy the project at their own starting level.  

SO, February’s project focus’s on  handbuilding or wheel throwing a ceramic JEWELRY BOX then exploring the technique of CARVING! I can’t wait to see the variety!
Download the February BOX & CARVING Project  

The exciting part of a project that is more “guidelines” than rules, allows for the beauty of personal interpretation. If you feel led to share your journey on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, use the #hobbypotterproject so we can find each other!

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