March Hobby Potter Project Challenge – Wax Resisted Goblet

Download the March GOBLET & WAX RESIST DESIGN Project Challenge

With January’s Mug project & February’s Carved Box challenge finally wrapped up in my studio,  I felt pretty excited to get started on whatever next new project I randomly drew from our bowls.

As you saw in the video, this spontaneous project-choosing style brought an unexpected project on my, “let’s not do that anytime soon” list!

LET’S KEEPT IT REAL …Everybody has their, “meh” project…and goblets are mine! Yes, it’s true I was the one who put the idea strip into the bowl. Truth be told, there is something I need to learn from the goblet, but needed the pressure of accountability to make me experience it! I’ll probably go rogue, probably will chart my own path along the way, but the goblet will somehow bring about another level of growth to my clay journey.

(Que the motivational self-talk ). Let’s embrace this experience and enjoy it together…it will be great.   At the end of the month, let’s toast our success in our handmade goblets!

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