Let’s Talk About Finelines

It has taken me some time to master the skill of creating fine lines. So, I thought I’d share some tips to help you achieve your goals faster!

Choose a comfortable applicator. I opted for one that felt familiar. For me, it is an easy to squeeze pen applicator. (See photo below Fineliner Applicator) It’s pin lid makes it easy to keep the tip clean and clog free. 

Underglaze vs. Glaze: Underglazes work the best for a fine line but glazes may have their place in other designs. Glazes tend to blur when fired, but an underglaze simple fires “as is” and remains consistent in width when used with a compatible clear glaze. (I use “Duncan’s Pure Brilliance” for low fire and “Clay-Mix’s Clear” for Cone 6).

Tip: Gauge + Liquid Thickness + Squeeze Pressure + Speed: These elements work together to create line thickness. I use the pen applicator with a 20 gauge tip most of the time ( think of it as the “yellow tip”— if you are like me and were clueless on what gauge the nib tips are – you’re welcome)!

Here’s how it works: Essentially, the thickness of the liquid determines the pressure needed,  for the tip size you’re using. The speed of your hand movement can also affect line thickness (for example, thinner liquids require less pressure and also need quicker hand movement to create a fine line). Take some time to discover what feels right for you.

*The trickiest part is refilling your applicator with the same underglaze thickness when you have found your favorite! 😜

Invest time in finding your personal style of application, and soon creating fine lines will become second nature, enhancing your designs.

Hope this helps, enjoy!

Tammy Jo


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