FINAL RESULTS – Cross-Mixing Commercial Glazes Pt 4/4

This is going to be a fairly long blog post as I wrap up this months glaze mixing test analysis!

Your diamonds are not in far distant mountains or in yonder seas; they are in your own backyard, if you but dig for them.”   Russell H. Conwell, Acres of Diamonds

WHY MIX COMMERCIAL GLAZES: This project began because I have far too many unused (some untouched) commercial glazes to warrant the extra expense of purchasing chemicals to mix my own. In order to deplete my supply for conscience sake, I needed to know what already have and test to them see if I have something even better. Did I have a diamonds in my own backyard?
                                     BEFORE FIRING                        AFTER FIRING CONE 5

ALTERING A WELL LAID PLAN: I had visions of getting all my glazes mixed…but the multitude of options was just too daunting. I eventually choose to mix certain glazes because I wanted to see the results.

Here were the general guidelines:
1.       Mix Only Cone 5 Glazes
2.       Mix Only Same Brands
3.       Depending on the colors here is how I chose to mix them:
a.       Amaco – Celebration
                                                               i.      TINT  – Mixed to create a Tint (added 50% white)
                                                             ii.      SHADE -*/Mixed to create a Shade (added 50% black)
b.      Amaco – Potter’s Choice (still had more of these I wanted to test)
c.       Duncan – Renaissance Glazes
d.      Laguna – Morracan Sand Series (The black & white used to shade and tint only)
e.      Spectrum
f.        Speedball
Since I could have done more testing, and more testing…and MORE testing, I’ve decided to make it a standard part of my clay practice to mix and run test chips with every glaze firing.
I FOUND MY DIAMONDS!  I believe the washes tested on the back of each test tile gave me the most satisfaction. Since I work with washes these test were GOLD to me! Seeing all the different colors filling in the groove numbers was the biggest thrill. I realized how much.

This video shows each test tile and gives what colors were mixed with what and the completed sample chips! 

What are your thoughts, do you have a favorite? !!!

I could spend an entire lifetime mixing what I have…the possibilities were just endless! If I were to change the clay alone, all these colors could be completely different. Obviously I did not get to mixing all my glazes, (as there were just too many), but I believe I touched on exactly what I wanted to know about what I have. Here is a recap of the results and my thoughts.

3 thoughts on “FINAL RESULTS – Cross-Mixing Commercial Glazes Pt 4/4

  1. Thanks Tammy! I feel your pain! & JOY! I too would rather make than glaze…but you are helping me realize how important the testing is to get better and more consistent results. My new goal is to start doing more testing! 🙂

  2. Great guide here! Mixing can lead to some interesting results. Will definitely have to give these a shot! Thanks for sharing.

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