Spray Painting Ceramics & Pottery – Testing Preval Spraying System!

Using Preval Sprayers for Spraying Underglaze

Spraying glaze on pottery usually requires special tools such as an air compressor, spray gun, and if you are doing airbrushing you’ll need all the little do-dads that go along with it. If you take the simple route of a mouth sprayer, you can get random applications.

Sometimes I’m just a lazy potter, if it takes too much time, I’ll happily let it pass on by ;P Spraying is one of those adventures.

So, I was browsing through Amazon, for nothing in particular, and a product called Preval Spraying System popped up as a suggestion! It wasn’t intentionally made for ceramics, but it looked like it could work for spraying underglazes…and the setup looked pretty simple…which is something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately.

It basically is a can of compressed air and a jar. Since I had used compressed air in the 365 Cup Project, I knew this had huge potential to give the results I’ve been wanting to play with and would love to hear about your experiences with spraying glazes/underglazes 😀 

I figured I’d give it the Tammy Jo test so added it to my cart and away we go!   HOPE YOU ENJOY!


2 thoughts on “Spray Painting Ceramics & Pottery – Testing Preval Spraying System!

    1. Hi Jack! Thanks for your question. Here is a link to the PDF Preval has with their instructions on rations.
      I’ve only used underglaze in my sprayer, but when looking at the ratio be about 3 to 2. It was thin, but what I was more worried about was the granuals that may be in the underglaze clogging up the works. Its trial and error, but I will be trying again soon as I’ve gotten some liquid slip I’d like to spray on mugs at the greenware stage.

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