2015! – Pottery, Goals, Life & What Not !

This will quite possibly be the longest post of the year since I’m blogging both my New Year perspectives plus my goals (which I usually refer to throughout the year )! Bear with me as I meander through (or just catch my next blog post which I can assure you will be much, much shorter LOL!

I can’t start a new year without looking back on the past year In retrospect, I’ve realized much of my pottery time was spent learning different techniques and trying new things. It definitely has given me a grab bag of options to choose from for future clay work and I’m thankful for the journey! If I look back even further than last year, I also am realizing there were some skills lost that I want to reclaim as my own, such as persistence and consistency.
Again looking back even further, life has changed dramatically since beginning my clay practices. As some of you know, I began working in clay as a healing process both physically and mentally. My focus on clay has brought quite a transformation and a realization that it has come full circle. As I start this year I’m again experiencing my clay for some healing and introspection.
This past December, while taking my break from clay, I lost two extremely important people in my life, my 103 year old grandfather, Ernest Sadler Sr., who genetically passed down his entrepreneurial spirit to me, and my very best girlfriend and mentor… my motivator, mutual cheerleader and a literal kindred spirit, Janet Hazelwood Russo. I’ve learned so much from these two amazing people and the emotions that have come with their passing are difficult to describe. I’m sad because their influence in my life will be missed tremendously, but because of my faith I’m also extremely happy and celebratory because I know where they are right now. A roller coaster I tell ya! Neither of them would want to me be down (because Janet would kick me in the butt with a smile on her face..lol) so I will take on their challenge to get up and get moving 😀 !
Lessons from the past will intermingle with the newness of the future…and thinking forward is where I LIVE!  I’ve taken a lengthy look at what is really important to me and direction I want to work towards…here is the gist of it all:
2015 Goals & Mindset
1.       People 1st  – Clay 2nd
“A piece is not more important than a person.” Share what’s useful and helpful (good or bad) and what’s fun or exciting. Continue to enjoy communicating with others about clay!  
2.       Knowledge:Continue to grow, and learn to develop my inner clay voice! Go where I need to go, and do what I need to do, to get the information I need. Sign up for shows, enter contests, become a member (not aimlessly, but whatever is useful) …engage and learn!
3.       Self Control: Apply the knowledge and build upon it, be inspired by it. Take what works for me and leave the rest for later…or never…LOL, because this is my journey! Stick to the tasks that work and improve my skill levels!
4.       Perseverance: PRESS ON! The sun always comes up in the morning; so always remember that I can be one disaster away from unbelievable success! 
5.       Be True To Myself: No matter what anyone else says, make the work that makes me melt, or sing, or laugh out loud! Make things that excite the soul, or bring peace to the chaos. Share my adventures and works with others through video, blogs, online or in galleries. Don’t pressure myself unnecessarily and continue being the WYSIWYG that I am (what you see is what you get)!
6.       Walk the Walk while I Talk the Talk: SHOCKING! Looking through my cupboards at Christmas I was surprised to realize I have very few handmade pieces to use on a daily basis. This year I will change that! Making wares for my own shelf…what a concept..LOL!   
7.       Enjoy the Journey which is my life – Tammy Jo Schoppet!


DON’T LOOK! It’s been about 3 months’ish since I put efforts into the studio, but I’m ready to clean it up right!
This is posterity and a reminder to never let this happen again! 😉  

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  1. I have faith you will meet and surpass your goals. Have you read (I believe this is the title), "In the Potter's Kitchen"? It looks right up your alley.

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