307-308 Wheel Thrown cup with “Bottom Thirds” Handle &Tea Bowl


Special lovin’ for cup #307. The form was really pleasing to me and something I’d like a set of 🙂

#308 is the beginning of my scramble to work both the cups project and get other things accomplished such as the art show, kids programs, winter formals…and the list goes on! . I’m just running out of time for everything and in this project…handles are time! The next few cups you’ll see will be handle-less, because I decided to take some of the time pressure off myself (as my husband said, “It’s your project, you can do what you want”….I sure love that man..lol! . I do need a focus so I’m going to be working on “form” and spice things up with glaze later 😉

Thanks for watching and can’t believe how close it’s getting to the end!!!
~ Tammy Jo

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