316-317-318-319-320 Cups Thrown On Potters Wheel


PLEASE READ! Knocking out 5 videos in 1 and doing my best to get the video clips caught up! Now, for the scoop on what’s up with the project.

In December I’ve decided to go back to publishing 1 to 2 Cup videos per day, with intro video clips about the final days of the 365 Days of Clay Cups series. I’m also going to finish up the “Fruits of the Spirit” cups (3 more left.) Even though I’ll be publishing only one cup per day, I’ve decided to finish the throwing of the cups early and give more time and thought to the end glazing results with the goal of finishing everything…including glazing… by December 31! The only thing that can trip me up is the drying time of the cups I’m presently throwing, once they are bisque fired I know I’m home free!

The other main focus will be my Cup #365, I really want this cup to be special, to show what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown using the tips and techniques y’all have shared with me throughout the year. (How funny, I’m getting a little emotional just thinking about it).

So hopefully for the diehards that have been with me on this since day 1, thank you SO much it’s not much longer  and for those just finding this project, know that we are wrapping up the last 30ish days of an amazing adventure you can go back to and watch whenever you like!

Thanks so much and buckle up for the final stretch of the ride!
Tammy Jo

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