Ceramic Birdhouse – Ceramic Projects

We did it! If you have been following along on the Hobby Potter 10 Year Anniversary project journey, CONGRATULATIONS! 

This final installment in our monthly projects is a birdhouse/birdfeeder, which if you think about it is a perfect December project. (Full-on winter in about a month and little birdies would be thankful for a fresh new space!)

Most people think of a birdhouse being a “handbuild” style project, but you will find a link to both wheel-thrown and handbuilt instruction videos.


Keeping today’s blog post short so you can get to it! 

Next blog I’ll have a special announcement to make, and hope you will be here with me for that!

Enjoy this project and be sure to take a quick second and follow the Hobby Potter journey on Instagram and Facebook 

Wishing you Love, Joy, Peace, Safety and Health ….now get to that clay! 

Tammy Jo

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