Making A Glazing Box For In-Home Use

I should have done it years ago! Since glazing has always been designated to my barn/garage/studio…and I’m a “messy potter”, it never occurred to me that on bad weather days I could be indoors enjoying my clay journey! 

What are my concerns about glazing in my living space? 

Before I share all that I put in my kit, I had to be sure the space I was working in would not harm my family or animals. Let’s face it …glazes are NOT paints, they are chemicals that are harmful if ingested or inhaled (fumes from lusters, and dust from dried glaze.) So that means METICULOUS area protection and cleaning up after the fact. 

So, What’s Inside! 

So not that was all figured out … here’s what I grabbed for in-home glazing time.

Since I choose to facilitate the most sit-down, time-intensive activities to the coziness of my home, it’s all about designing and underglaze! (I left all the dipping glazes and glazes for mass glazing out in the studio). 

Tammy Jo’s Glaze Box Checklist

  • The Container: 6QT Plastic Container (Home Depot $1.78)
  • Colors of the Rainbow Underglaze: 2 oz Bottles
     Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Black & White. I save empty 2oz underglaze bottles in case I need to mix colors and store them.
  •  Filled Fine Tip Bottles -Pens – Tips
    The fine tip pens (for over and underglazes) are one of the best Amazon buys I’ve ever made. The cap has a needle included so the tip is cleaned every time you close it! The squeeze bottles are great because they come in a variety of tips sizes. An added perk is that these tips are also interchangeable with the pens.
  • Chalks & Choxils & Underglaze Pencil 
    I admit … in my love to underglaze I usually forget I have these wonderful tools, so in the box, they went!
  • Plastic Cups from Apple Sauce Containers 
    Kids eat applesauce, I have leftover containers! These are the perfect size for mixing glazes on the go.
  • Black Underglaze Wash (in a feta cheese container)
    Pre-mixed wash saves me from myself and the mess I could possibly make mixing it on the fly. 

  • Small Wooden Skewers | Palette Knife | Variety of Brushes |Sponge
    These tools have great versatility applying, removing, mixing, scratching through for design, and adding freeform designs… I love them!

Depending on my project, I may eventually add a small bottle of clear glaze so I can finish the process instead of waiting to dip everything out in the studio. 

Now, this is just what I put in my mobile Glazing Box, think about your glazing process and what tools can you compact down so you can enjoy clay in your own home! 

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