Cup #275 The “Guggenheim’ Cup & its Repair Job

Happy & Sad day. First the Happy… I posted a photo of this cup on my Facebook page prior to publishing the video and Debra mentioned it looked like the Guggenheim Museum! Didn’t realize it at the time I made it, but she was right 🙂

I also have some sad news about my dear kitty Addy. As you know we live out in the country…and here is where the real world happens. Miss Addy usually sleeps in my workshop at night, but I leave the shop door “available” for her to go out in the morning. Tonight around midnight she was outside and met with the pack of dogs that roam through our property. We heard the commotion and my husband and I ran outside to scare them off, but it was too late for our little girl. Dogs were born to do what they do and I understand that, but this is the last video with my Addy in it and tonight/this morning I’m heartbroken.

Thanks for watching ~ Tammy Jo

2 thoughts on “Cup #275 The “Guggenheim’ Cup & its Repair Job

  1. I check every now and again; your progress is great, and your determination admirable and inspiring. I've not written a comment before but when I read about your kitty I had express my sympathy. It's hard losing animal family; glad you have a partner for comfort – naomi

  2. Thank you so much Naomi. It's been a different day in the workshop…didn't realize how much her presence made a difference. I live in the country and I actually see this quite often with the wild cats catching the mice and coyotes catching the cats. This time was a little different because we bonded. It's nice to know this wayward house cat got to live her life in the wild…she was really diggin' it! Thank you for your encouraging words and kind thoughts…so much appreciated 🙂

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