Cup #285 – Making a Tea Bowl

Don’t be fooled! It’s so much easier to make a perfectly symmetrical tea bowl on the pottery wheel than to create a flowing form. Symmetrical was the original goal of this tea bowl…and it was easy, but then I realized the real lovely ones are asymmetrical in body, but the foot and lip of the cup are balanced.

Ken Matsuzaki makes the task look random and simple, but there is definitely an art to the making! Goal for self…try making “authentic” flowing tea bowl 🙂

Another thing I’ve been noticing about tea bowls…they are much larger than they appear in a photo. Live, they seem more like bowl than a actual cup. I have a chart that tells me the approximate weight of clay I should be using to make a tea bowl (1.5 lbs) and found this is a whole 1/2 pound heavier than I’ve been using for most cups in the project! Time to make some change… Hmmmm 😉

Thanks so much for watching!

~ Tammy Jo

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