Cup #349 – A Cup…That’s Almost a Bowl – Giving it your best shot….

I’m sure if you work in any kind of art you’ve come across days/moments when things could just have been a little better, but you settle for what you get 😉 This cup/bowl was kept on purpose because I knew how I felt when I made it…

This is what I’ll call one of my “Let’s just get this thing done!” cups. I decided right after throwing this cup (that looks more like a bowl), that whatever goal I set for next year will have guidelines to prevent me from burn out (hence the “slightly” cheesy music;)

Understanding this just thrilled me to the bone and gave next years ceramics new life for me…exactly what I needed! It WILL remain fun (as it will remain a hobby and not my bread and butter) and since I’m not afraid of hard work (it’s actually fun for me), I think I’ll make it more time efficient and less mass production intensive.

NOW I can say I’m looking forward to the end of this project and 2012 times with clay !!!

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