Cup #354 – Fruit of the Spirit Ceramic Cup “GENTLENESS”- (8 of 9)

“Meekness that is Gentleness” (not weakness!) The humble spirit of true humility that treats others needs with TRUE compassion and consideration.

This cup speaks of “gentleness” to me. It’s simple and smooth. It doesn’t draw attention to itself, is unadorned and has no sharp angles to get caught up in…humble. It’s small enough to fade in the background allowing others to shine and be seen first before itself. It’s gentle, meek (remember…meek is not weak) and is “others” focused.

One more cup to go and alas, the last cup in the series is “Self Control” which (as you can probably gather) is Cup #365 🙂

Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy and are inspired as I have been!

Tammy Jo

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