Cup 362 – A Cup for each Child – Adams Cup

Tammy Jo’s TOP 10 from 2011 – Lessons I’ve learned…
#3 — Open Minded Pottery — Lessons from my son.
This cup I made for my son Adam! As some of you know I homeschool my 4 children, up until high school. Adam is my youngest and he has an incredibly creative streak for inventing, science and architecture (hence the mechanical look of the cup;). He has above average intelligence for his age but he deals with a learning disability called Pragmatic Language Impairment (PLI) (basically it’s form of autism where there are challenges with the semantic aspect of language …the meaning of what is being said…and the pragmatics of language. The bottomline — He learns best by reading words instead of hearing them!  
His challenges and amazing accomplishments have proven to me that there is more than one way learn and to be open minded enough for different ways to accomplish a task. “Open minded pottery”…it really doesn’t matter whether someone is a 3rd generation potter, university graduate or a youtube watching enthusiast…, everyone has something to contribute from their level of experience. With that contribution, we should all respect the differences. If someone makes amazing work all alone in their garage, without the respected educational background, it doesn’t change the amazing-ness of their work!  Hopefully that made sense…I’m just trying to say that even though potters don’t always take the same path, each path has its value in the whole scheme of learning and growing in clay!
Thank you my son, you are a wonderful blessing~ Love Mom 🙂 
Thanks for watching and hope you enjoy this cup! ! Tammy Jo
PS Unfortunately I didn’t check my camera angle while making this cup so you won’t get to see the attachment of the pieces.

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