Cups #327- #328 – #329 Cup Forms with Alterations & Chatter

This puts the cups through November 25th! OOPS…I just realized I didn’t include the end photos for these cups…no worries, I send either post them in the next video or just share them on the next blog post!

Things are humming along and I must say it’s real exciting as I approaching the end…but still feel there is so much to learn! I decided to try and chatter the last cup, which is a new thing for me…It didn’t come out as strong as I’d like, but must say that even thought the markings were faint it’s going to look pretty nice glazed!!! I’m sorry I didn’t get the handles on that cup….it was my favorite!!!

Thank you so much for watching, I really feel like I know a lot of you (even though we’ve never met). Your encouragement and wisdom is so much appreciated!!!!
Have a great day!
Tammy Jo

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