Day #12 Ceramic Puzzle Sushi Tray, Saki Cup & Sauce Dish – 1LB of Clay 2…

Sushi has GOT to taste different on a puzzle shaped tray..LOL! This was too fun!

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT THIS: There is nothing traditional about this piece, but it was my first attempt at an idea that has been mulling around in my head for a while. I think it turned out pretty well! I liked creating the textures…fun, fun, fun!

BEHIND THE SCENES: I just could not use up this 1LB of clay! Every time I made something, there was still more clay left! So the soy sauce dish got larger to use up every bit! It’s really not finished yet. There is still some cleanup work I’d like to do on the puzzle piece but wanted to wait until it was bone dry!

Inside Me: Being that my youngest son has Austim and holds a special place in my heart, a puzzle piece is also the logo sign of Autism Speaks

THE ATMOSPHERE:  LOL…I don’t even remember what music was playing or my surroundings when I made this. I guess I was concentration so much I was in my own little world…it happens I guess  Hand building is definitely more time consuming than throwing on the wheel…1 hour in the workshop on this one little pound combo set!

Hope you enjoyed today’s piece and I’ll be back at it again tomorrow!!

Thanks for watching and go ENJOY SOME CLAY!

Tammy Jo





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