FINALLY WRITING THE BOOK – My 365 Day Cup Journey!

Crazy right? I’m 6 months away from the 5 year anniversary of my life changing journey to learn about clay with the video project series “365 Days of Clay Cups”! 

I was encouraged by many people after the projects completion to make the video documentary into a book. Reluctant would be an understatement. After 365 days of throwing/firing/glazing cups, filming, editing and publishing videos on a daily basis…I really wanted to just take a great big nap! “Happily Tired” would be the best way to describe my state of mind at the time. Now that some time has passed this idea of a book that was stored in my “hope chest” of things to do, I can envision it’s usefulness again. 

It feels like a perfect time for me to go back and reflect on the growth and also see if I can glean new insights not realized at the time. 

I’ll be perfectly honest and say that I have a difficult time going back and watching myself in videos. Since all the observation intro’s are “off the cuff” conversations for me, once a video is published online I can’t take back ANY of my spontaneous chatter! 

 ANYWAY, for the next 6 months I’ll be revisiting my life changing 1 year journey, the ups and downs, the things that remain, and the places I still need to grow. The daily discipline really changed my life back then and I hope to gain some new strength by reliving my own determination (it’s still shocking to me that I did something consistently every day for a solid year…still blows my mind!). 

June 1st I’ll begin watching old videos, reading old blogs, reviewing all the comments and suggestions posted on my Facebook & YouTube at that time. The goal is to hopefully document, gain new insights and pay some gratitude to others from one of the most incredible times of my life! 

Thanks for all the encouragement over the years and hoping you have been able to learn from my trials and errors in clay! 
~ t a m m y j o 

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