Fruit of Spirit Cup “FAITHFULNESS” – Cup #335

The 7th cup in the “Fruit of the Spirit” cups series…read on to see how this cup relates to this character trait/fruit.

Faithfulness -“Is the act and virtue of being devoted, unwavering, loyal and “full of faith”. To expand on that concept of “full of faith” is basically “believing before seeing”. Even trying to put this definition into words requires a form of faith because it’s almost an ambiguous concept unless you have personally experienced it yourself! Let me explain…

The saying, “…even with faith the size of a mustard seed you can move this mountain” means… faith, no matter how small, can be strong enough to move a mountain…it’s a metaphor…it doesn’t mean you will necessarily to push it (then again it may), but it means that there is a way to move that mountain and if you believe, it will be presented to you…never underestimate the power of faith!

Now, I’m not going to share all my personal faith views right here, right now…it’s just not how I want this to roll…I’ll share at the end of the series is over, but I can say this cup is definitely a symbolic cup for my personal walk and also for this whole cup project. There was faith with this cup even as it “crashed and burned” that I could still make it into a cup….a pretty darn cute one too! 😉

At the beginning of this project, I had faith the size of a mustard seed. 365 days is a BIG chunk of time commitment to something that I had only done for about 2 weeks out of a couple summers…I did believe I could do it for one day (mustard seed)…and my vision has grown as time has gone on (the matured mustard plant). Now I can say I’m “full of faith” or that my “faithfulness” is coming to pass for this project…believing before seeing…that’s what it is…just like in my personal faith journey 😉

Hopefully this all makes sense and that you enjoyed this cup!
Thanks for watching!!!
Tammy Jo

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