Fruits of the Spirit Cup “GOODNESS” Cup #287

The word goodness is used in such a variety of ways that its meaning can be somewhat watered down or lost.
For example: This cup is more symbolic of goodness than my usual caricature style. Though small, the cup has been made (created) for a specific purpose. It’s well formed for that purpose, meets with a quality standard and I know when it’s used it will be a “Good Cup”. This cup exhibits goodness of form and function to its creator.
The elements of goodness described for this cup are no different than exhibiting the fruits of “goodness”. There is a certain joy in showing goodness to others. There is a standard of excellence that I strive for personally when it comes to this. Am I perfect…NOT EVEN CLOSE…but it doesn’t mean I don’t strive for it. Excellence at “Goodness”, now that’s a real goal for body and soul!!!
Hope you enjoy the clip!
~ Tammy Jo

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