Glazing Cups for Kiln Glaze Fire #8

I was (am) SO READY to clear off this table and get these cups glazed. It usually takes me some time to get started, but once I do I don’t want to stop! This glazing session I decided to use the glazes Amaco’s True Celadon, Blue Rutile, Temmokou and Shino. Also had to use Laguna’s Colonial White and Fern Mist (which is my favorite).

Today I’ll be heading out to the workshop to re-tape the kiln opening cups. Unfortunately actual “lid opening” videos didn’t turn out because it was too dark in the workshop (yes, I went out their late at night to crack the kiln You’ll get to see the cups in this video and plus some in the upcoming kiln opening video 🙂

Hope you enjoy!

~ Tammy Jo

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