KILN OPENING – Glaze Fire # 9 – Day or Night I’ll Open the Kiln!

I’m going to need to make a slide show of these cups as I just couldn’t get the right lighting to share the results with you (did the best I could ;)!

Glazes used: Fern Mist, Colonial White by Laguna & True Celadon, Shino and Oil Spot by Amaco. I’ve never combined the Oil Spot with the True Celadon and it had some interesting results. The celedon unfortunately is very difficult to work with as it takes a long time to soak in and dry…very messy at times.

As I said in this clip I really need to get some different dipping colors to have a larger variety of cups. There is always the brush glazes I guess 😉 !!!

Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching!!
Warmly ~ Tammy Jo!

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