Latest Kiln Opening & NEW Textured Teapots Project!

So excited to be back in the game of making things in my workshop! (See what new things I’m adding to my online shop ( )

I’ve relaxed into a new groove of creativity (with the camera’s off) and have been inspired to start a new project collection of “Textured Teapots!” (I’m a little addicted to textures these days…kind of like that morning cup of JOE! 🙂 I’m striving to get at least 7-10 into the gallery by October 1st.
The pieces will be handbuilt and wheel thrown combinations!!  I know I will be focusing on teapots, but there is that part of me that also wants to make matching cups (I think I’ll always be making cups ;)!

Hope you enjoy the recent bisque firing and now I’m off to watch so more pottery making videos on!!!

Thanks for watching!!!
Tammy Jo



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