Lodi Spring Show Gala – Preparing Studio -Organizing & Test glazing EP 9 HOBBY POTTER WEEKLY!

 What’s Happening This Week? 

 – Lodi Community Art Center 55th Annual Spring Show 2015

We were told the theme was fabulous 50’s….since we are not people to pass up the potential for some fun, we dressed up!

Thankfully hubby and I aren’t shy! Even though the costumes were scarce, we had a great time meeting some new artist friends (pic. Mike & Linda Nunes of Rancho Cordova…and my husband ) We also saw some wonderful friends from San Joaquin Potters Guild  and Jim Christian who will also be in the upcoming Artist Open Studio Tour!!!! …Excellent time was had by all!  My Honorable Mention Award for “I’m A T-E-A-P-O-T” & clips of fun gala are in this weeks Hobby Pottery video!

This show will be running at Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi April 11-12 from 11-5pm

Next Up

ARTIST OPEN STUDIO TOUR Preparations! – Not everything can be play in the studio…just like cleaning house for guests I’m working on cleaning the studio for visitors

Artist Open Studio Tour on April 26-26th (11-5)

Technique of the Week – Organizing my underglazes for easier access and more accurate color references

– Masking to revive a design I used a few years back on some bisque earthenware (mold) mugs I’ve had in storage. Also learning what certain brushes will do when loaded with glaze 😀

Had a great slow week …can’t run amuck all the time..LOL!

Thanks for Watching and See You Next Week!

~ Tammy Jo

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