Pottery Pouring Technique

This months project comes from Calder Ceramics and is an adapted potter’s take on doing the “fluid acrylic pour” … but we are going to use this technique on clay, with stains (or underglaze colors) and slip!

Notes From Tammy Jo:  I see this project as something that can be applied to whatever form you are currently working on in your studios. I’ve included the acrylic pour video (as an alternative option) for those using air dry clay and possibly inspire others in the possibilities not yet explored by this single video! (Example: Since I don’t have any stains in the studio, I’ve decided to alter the directions and try using underglazes to color the slip and some varnish to create resist designs.

*What You’ll Need: 

  • Mixing Cups (1 cup for each desired color)
  • Slip or dry clay to make slip
  • 1 Pouring Cup
  • Colored Mason Stains or Underglaze colors.
  • Clear Glaze
*Download the PDF of this projectSlip Pouring Technique

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One thought on “Pottery Pouring Technique

  1. Hi Michele, It will crack and fall off if applied at this stage 😀 I’ve run some tests using paper clay as I heard it is used to repair bisqueware, but it too cracked and fell off. The best bet is leatherhard clay!

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