Rejuvenated! I’m a Brand New Hobby Potter

Do you know that amazing feeling you get after taking a solid nap? That is how I am feeling right now about my clay journey!  

After spending the last decade in front of a camera, learning all the new things I could about the pottery journey, I took the last two years for just me and the clay. To get “good” at something and decide what I’d like to master.

I’ve learned some things, practiced more things and spent some time improving and growing. It totally rejuvenated my love for clay! 

I’ve made only a few choice videos over these 2 years, and decided now would be a great opportunity to refresh, and renew my videos. You can’t be a “newbie” forever, but my heart is ever exploring and learning.  I’ll be mixing in new learning experiences with solid tips to help others along the way.

There will be more videos focusing on tips and PROJECTS to help you enjoy your clay time.

Whether you are in a class setting, home studio or a combination … I hope to bring you new (and old) ways to experience clay! 😀 

Love, Blessings & Fulfilling Clay Play
~ Tammy Jo

I always seem to find myself in search of bowls, tile or plate stands… so I decided to make my own and share it with you!

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